Patrick Louden

Graduate Student

Patrick Louden is a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame. He currently runs the physical and analytical graduate seminar literature group, and is the physical chemistry representative for the graduate student led IMPACT lecture series.

Patrick did his undergraduate work at Grand Valley State University while working with Chris Lawrence on molecular dynamics simulations of the mass accommodation of tropospheric aerosols.

Patrick’s research thus far has focused on understanding water in a variety of environments in nature. Previously, he developed an adaptation to the SPC/E water model, which gives a more accurate condensation coefficient under tropospheric conditions. Currently, he is studying ice/quasi-liquid layers, and friction at ice Ih/bulk-water interfaces. In the future he hopes to couple these areas of research together to better understand chemistry in the atmosphere.

Patrick is also an avid video and board gamer. Most nights you can find him sitting around a table with friends, rolling dice and shuffling cards. Often times coercing those around to help him slay an evil gnoll or trade some sheep for wheat.