Physical Chemistry II


Dan Gezelter
phone: 631-7595
office: 258 Stepan Chemistry


MWF 11:45 - 12:35
246 DeBartolo

Office Hours:

Mondays, 4-5 PM   TA (251 Nieuwland)
Tuesdays, 1:30-2:30 PM   TA (251 Nieuwland)
Wednesdays, 8:30-9:30 AM   Professor Gezelter (258 Stepan)
Wednesdays, 4-5 PM   Professor Gezelter (258 Stepan)
Thursdays, 4-5 PM   Professor Gezelter (258 Stepan)

Optional Problem / Review Session:

Thursdays, 6-7 PM, 246 DeBartolo Hall


Homework (weekly):   25%
Midterm 1 (Statistical Mechanics):   25%
Midterm 2 (Thermodynamics):   25%
Final (Cumulative):   25%

After each exam you will be provided with a cumulative letter grade to keep you informed of your performance in the course.

Extra Credit problems are sprinkled throughout the homework assignments. These problems are more difficult than the standard problems, but are counted outside the normal grading curve to encourage collaborative solutions. It is entirely possible to improve by a full letter grade by tackling the extra credit problems.


Midterm 1: February 18
Midterm 2: March 31
Final Exam: May 6

For each midterm exam you will be allowed to prepare and use one 8.5 x 11 sheet of notes (front-side only). On the final exam, three pages will be allowed. In addition, you will be allowed to use a calculator on all exams. The midterm exams will not be cumulative, but the final exam will cover material from the entire course.

About a week before each exam, we will be posting practice exams and solutions on the course web page.

Problem Sets:

Homework assignments are given out in class (on Fridays) and are posted to the class web page. They are due in class on the following Friday, unless otherwise noted (20% deduction for each day late). You may consult with fellow students when working on your problem sets. However, do not discuss a problem with others until you have spent at least one hour working at the problem on your own. Do not copy or paraphrase any one else's work (including the solution manual). Suspected violations will be handled in accordance with the Academic Code of Honor.

I'll be posting the problem sets on the problem set web page each week.


I'll be posting links to the demonstration applets we use in class on the applet page each week.