Quantum Mechanics


MWF 11:45 - 12:35 (with a rescheduling of the October 1st class)


322 Jordan Hall


Dan Gezelter
phone: 631-7595
office: 258 Stepan Chemistry
e-mail: gezelter@nd.edu
Office hours: Whenever my office door is open and I’m not otherwise occupied


Problem Sets (roughly bi-weekly): 30%
In-class Midterm: 20%
Open-book take-home Final: 30%
Computational project: 10%
Class participation & attendance: 10%


Quantum Mechanics deals with some intellectually challenging material. The only way to learn the subject is to actually do the problems on your own. Do not use Google as your second brain. After you have made an honest and painful individual attempt at solving a problem, you may confer with your classmates or with me. However, you must write up the solutions to the problems on your own. Solutions which are incorrect, but which have good written explanations of why each step was carried out, will be given higher scores than those which do not.

The take-home final must be done completely independently.

The computational project will require some amount of coding. ANY computer language may be used (including Matlab, Python, etc.) If you need access to a computer on which to do this project, please let me know. This project may be done in pairs.

You may email me at any time with questions.

Problem Sets:

I’ll be posting the problem sets on the problem set web page as they are released.