Madan Lamichhane

Graduate Student

Madan Lamichhane is a graduate student in the Department of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, co-advised by Dan Gezelter and Kathie Newman. He did his undergraduate degree at Tribhuvan University in Nepal, and earned a Masters degree in Physics from the University of Memphis.

Madan’s research has focused on development and applications of the real space methods for electrostatic interactions necessary for Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations. He recently developed three real space electrostatic methods; Taylor Shifted Force (TSF), Shifted Potential (SP), and Gradient Shifted Force (GSF). These methods are computationally efficient and provide excellent agreement with the well-known Ewald sum in condensed phase environments. Currently he is evaluating dielectric properties for multipolar (dipolar and quadrupolar) fluids using fluctuation formulae, external field perturbations, and potentials of mean force.

Madan is fond of playing soccer, ping-pong, and lawn tennis. He likes to extract quantitative relations from the qualitative nature of the physical phenomena and implement them in computer code. He loves to discuss philosophical aspects of physics and nature and spend his leisure time watching movies, TV series, and documentaries.