Book List for Computational Chemistry

These books may be found in the Chemistry & Physics library in 231 Nieuwland Science Hall. They have not been placed on reserve, but they may be helpful in solving problems. If you find something useful, please share it with your classmates

Optional Textbook:

Molecular Modelling: Principles and Applications, by Andrew Leach, (QD 480.L43 1996)

Supplementary Texts:

Introduction to Protein Structure, by Branden and Tooze; Garland Press (QP 551.B7635 1999)

Proteins: Structures and Molecule Properties, by Thomas E. Creighton; Freeman (QP 551 .C737 1993)

Understanding molecular simulation, by Daan Frenkel and Berend Smit, (QD 461 .F86 1996)

Computer Simulation of Liquids, by M.P. Allen and D.J. Tildesley, (QC 145.2.A43 1992)

Biophysical Chemistry, by Cantor and Schimmel; Freeman (QH 345 .C36)

Other Useful Texts:

Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, by Mary L. Boas, (QA 37.B662)

Statistical thermodynamics of surfaces, interfaces, and membranes, by Samuel A. Safran, (QC 173.4 .S94 S24 1994)